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Hotel Sonne

Inh. Angelika Massinger

Ettlinger Str. 65
76337 Waldbronn

Tel.: 07243/5687-0
Fax: 07243/5687-25


Environment / Sustainability

"We have realized that we cannot live at the expense of our planet and upcoming generations.
This realization finds its way into many little things of everyday life, because we really do care for environmental protection and sustainability.
Thus, in summer 2002, we installed a solar system on our roof to reduce the energy requirement of our hotel.
The solar system also supports hot water preparation: The sun heats the liquid inside the unit that transmits the energy to our hot water system. This means that we now only need little energy to be supplied from external sources.
In addition, a heat pump supports our energy system. I am personally in charge of plant maintenance."