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Hotel Sonne

Inh. Angelika Massinger

Ettlinger Str. 65
76337 Waldbronn

Tel.: 07243/5687-0
Fax: 07243/5687-25


Family history / Chronicle

How it all started...
It all started with Emil Laub, a predecessor of the present landlord Emil Massinger. In 1910, he left his home town of Wiechs am Randen, near the Swiss border, with his family and went to Busenbach.

At that time, Busenbach still was an independent municipality, which was incorporated into the Waldbronn district in the 1970s.

Emil Laub decided to lease the "Adler" inn, situated in what is today Grünwettersbacher Strasse. Today, the former inn is the clubhouse of the choral society "Freundschaft Busenbach".

In 1914, Emil Laub and his wife Lina decided to purchase the village inn "Sonne" [German for "sun"] with the help of the local bank. The "Sonne" then used to be a favourite village meeting place and was important for community life. As early as in 1894 the Busenbach people had celebrated the consecration of St. Catherine's church here.